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By Securing the Blockchain

Decentralized finance (DeFi) allows to invest on peer-to-peer financial services on blockchain and cryptocurrencies: it’s faster, cheaper and secure.

About Access24

We are an independent Node for the Blockchain Network, ensuring transparency, security, and fairness on peer-to-peer transactions. Our job is to confirm transactions through a consensus protocol. You can help us by staking your cryptocurrencies, and earn rewards for it. We are an official node of the LTO Network, a hybrid blockchain for securing, verifying and exchanging business critical information.

Our Services

We are actively participating in transactions validation and in maintaining the operations of a PoS based blockchain network, getting rewarded as a result. You can participate to our pool by locking your tokens with us and get a return on your investment.

Staking and Lending

You can help securing the network by staking your cryptocurrency with Access24 and receive a reward for doing it. Learn how to get started.

Securing the Network

We validate transactions on the network via a PoS consensus mechanism, securing crypto networks with minimal energy consumption.

Staking and Lending

LTO Network

Invest in the LTO Network Blockchain and earn an annual reward of 6.65%

Why Us?

All the Reasons to choose Access24 as your DeFi Staking Provider


Thanks to the DeFi

You have full control over your tokens: they will never leave your wallet and you can cancel the staking anytime.

Weekly Payouts

Every Weekend

Payouts are done every Saturday.

High ROI

And Happy Clients

We only keep a minimum percentage of the rewards to cover our operational costs.

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