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LTO Network is the Europe’s leading hybrid blockchain, built to enable automated business processes in a secure, immutable, and transparent manner. You can invest by converting your flat currencies (EUR,USD…) or your cryptocurrencies into this token and deposit/lease them in your LTO wallet. You’ll get an annual interest from this operation. The current price for 1 LTO is currently about 0,2 USD.

ROI / Year



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How to Stake LTO and Get Rewarded

The process is very simple and it takes only a few minutes. Once your LTO tokens will be leased to the Access24 node, you’ll get rewarded for your deposit. You can also restake the rewards and use the power of compound interest to grow your capital.


The first step is to open a Binance account. By registering through this link and making sure to specify KD3Y168W as referral code, you’ll get a 10% discount on your trading fees.

A Binance account allows you to purchase the LTO cryptocurrency.

Go to the Binance website, fill your personal information and start the KYC process to get your account verified.


Signup to the official LTO Wallet here: and click by clicking the “Create Account” button.

Enter your chosen Account Name and Password, and as a next step, make sure to write down your seed words and store them in a safe place.

Now login to your Wallet, go to Settings, and take note of your Address. Also, take note Public/Private keys, making sure to keep the private key secret.


At the moment, it’s not possible to buy LTO directly. You need to purchase an intermediate coin (Bitcoin for example) and exchange it to LTO.

Go to your Binance account and in the “Buy Crypto” menu, choose your favorite payment method. Then buy a specific amount of EUR or USD to obtain Bitcoins in exchange.

Once the payment has been confirmed and you have received the crypto in your account, click “Wallet -> Fiat and Spot”. Search for LTO Token and click the “Trade -> LTO/BTC” link.

In the trading page, locate the “Buy LTO” section and under the “Amount” label, drag the horizontal bar to 100% in order to sell the bitcoins you have just purchased and obtain your corresponding LTO amount.

Now go to “Wallet -> Fiat and Spot”, then click the “Withdraw” button. In the next page, choose “Crypto” as withdraw asset and choose LTO as the coin to Withdraw. In the Recipient’s LTO Address, specify your own Wallet Address (please check Step 1 to locate it) and choose LTO as transfer network. Now, click the Submit button to confirm the transaction.


The final step is to Lease your LTO cryptocurrency with us in the official wallet, and start earning a passive income.

Once you have completed the Step 3, the LTO token will be transferred to your wallet in a few minutes.

Login to your wallet, go to “Leasing” and in the next page, click the “Start lease” button. In the Popup, locate and choose Access24 as your provider, choose the amount you want to lock, and then click “Start lease”. Alternatively, you can manually specify our address: 3Jr2yFjdb1Tia6ppjYs4p8fxWaAasqLrsiW

It’s important to note that you will not transfer your token to our wallet: all your LTO coins will stay in your account and you can cancel the lease anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

LTO Network is a solid project started in 2016. It is a hybrid blockchain promoting business to business connections and it’s used for securing, verifying and exchanging business critical information. Learn More about the LTO Network.

You can invest on this project by purchasing the LTO cryptocurrency and holding your funds (staking) with us. This way, you will help the node to support the blockchain network operations, and you’ll get rewarded as a result. This can be compared to earning interest in a traditional bank.

Yes, as every investment made on cryptocurrencies, due to their high volatility. However, LTO token has a proven record of being a stable cryptocurrency.

No. Your LTO tokens remain in your wallet, you have the full control over them.

Yes. You can stop the lease anytime.

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